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Duocycline LA has the following advantages :

- Rapid absorption and Rapid tissue distribution including the CSF within 2 hs of IM injection
- Sustained release effect ( Bound to plasma protein ) giving prolonged antimicrobial action for 2-3 days
- Broad spectrum of activity
- Reduction of stress due to frequent injection with other forms

Duocycline LA is indicated for treatment of :

- Urinary infections, mastitis, metritis and post- parturent infection
- Calf diphtheria, actinobacillosisand infections of C.N.S
- Control of the post- operative and wound infections
- Diarrhoes and enteritis in calves
- Pasteurellosis
- Navel ill and food rot
- Eye infections
- Anaplasmosis, theilerias and babesiasis

Dosage and administration : - Recommended dose of Duocycline L.A is 20 mg/kg body weight (i.e. 1 ml / 10 kg ) once every two days by deep intra- muscular injection
- Maximum recommended dose at any one site not more than 15-20 ml